about us

The 33rd Strike Group’s goal is to deliver boats that exceed our customer expectations and provide an outstanding cost value proposition. We will do this by making affordable, stable, shallow water capable, multi-use sport/fishing catamarans that embody quality, performance, safety and lower operating costs. Quality and innovation will be the vanguard of our business model. We make these out of aluminum because of its incredible strength to weight ratio. Our boats range in size from 12’ to 20’. We use a powder coating finish on our boats because it provides a more durable and longer lasting finish. 316 Stainless steel hardware is used throughout our boats. We offer low deck, high deck, center consoles and deep gunwale models that cover most applications as well as various types of water conditions. We are an international alliance that sources the best components from the very best suppliers around the world. Our sister companies have extensive experience in manufacturing a wide variety of consumer products ranging including luxury yachts.

Our goal is to build quality boats that provide our customers with affordable boats that make boating accessible for all. Quality, value, performance, durability, stability, safety, innovation, etc. are not just concepts that the 33rd Strike Group talks about but these are the daily precepts that we live and build by. We feel that these are all critical to building affordable quality boats that can be enjoyed for many years We have a dedicated workforce that has boat building experience and is committed to this company and their own future success. We have been fortunate to hire a number of veterans that represent the Marine Corp, Navy and Army and these veterans bring discipline and dedication to our production team. This team understands that must always continue to improve and will vigorously pursue that goal.