The Tiller Cat is an economical offering that is a no frills utilitarian boat that is easy to handle due to its extremely light weight and versatile maneuverability.
This is a perfect boat to use as a shuttle to larger vessels or to get into backwater places that other boats cannot enter. Because it is a cat it has good stability and is a great first boat for the younger generation.
There is a small forward locker where gear can be stowed.
The driver has a bench seat and there is also a passenger bench seat as well.
The 12' Tiller Cat is rated for 15-20HP tiller style engines.
There are four welded cleats to make it easy to tie up at any dock. There are also two welded stern eyes and one bow eye conveniently located to secure the boat when trailering.
Oar locks have been added in case a motor is not desired.